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Release date

October 2000 for Windows


new starting window
 It should be simpler now, when you select 2/3/4 player mode
 then you can choose the player to change by clicking on the
 little head icon right to the character selection box;
 You can also set the nickname separately for each character
 in 2/3/4 player mode;
 The account name/password thing was moved to the server list
server list window
 When you select 'One Player (online)' as game mode then
 you will see a server list window that will load a server
 list from and display it in a list;
 When you click at an entry then it will show you some
 informations about that server (language, version, homepage etc.);
 On the lower part of the server list window you see
 the edit fields for account name and password;
 click on 'Connect' to connect to the selected server;
 When you play then you can always open the server list
 window again by pressing F8 (it will refresh the list
password are saved separately for each account name
new option 'don't save passwords' in the options window
 (F1->General Options)
new pk tag system:
 when having less than 40 alignment points (showap) then
 you can't increase your power; when you die then you will
 get 3 hearts back when ap<20, 5 hearts when ap<40 and
 full power when you die while ap>=40;
 when you kill someone then your power will decreased
 by (yourap/20+1)*(otherap/20);
 when ap<20 then your ap will increase every 30 seconds,
 when ap<40 then every 2 minutes, ..., when >=80 then
 every 30 minutes (no 90 ap limit anymore)
There is better pk recognition:
 When you kill someone with bomb/arrows/fire/bushes then
 it will count as player-killing too
New script stuff
 * New command: changeimgvis index,drawingheight;
   changes the drawing height of a showimg image;
   possible values for 'drawingheight':
   * 0: like drawunderplayer
   * 1: like the player
   * 2: like drawoverplayer (default)
   * 4: on screen (the img will be drawn like the status bar,
        it will be drawn on the image (x,y) position);
        so you can make your own status bar thing with
        this command
 * When doing showimg with an image index not in 0..199 then
   it will only be shown local
 * setimg/setimgpart can be used instead of setgif/setgifpart
 * The 'in' operator is enhanced. You can now do things like:
   1,2 in {1,2,3,4,5} - will check if 1 AND 2 are in specified array
   x in |0,64| - is true when 0<=x<=64
   x in <0,64> - is true when 0<x<64
   You can also combine those things, e.g.
   x,y in <0,10| - is true when 0<x<=10 AND 0<y<=10
 * putexplosion2 bombpower,radius,x,y;
   for producing jolt bomb explosions (set bombpower to 3)
 * New command: setbody bodyimg;
   This is a nice command: with this you can change
   the body of the player, e.g. setbody body2.png
   (body2.png is included in v1.4, its from Antago,
   body3.png is from Loriel)
   You can also use the #8 message code to change
   the body img (setplayerprop #8,body2.png or
   setcharprop #8,body2.png);
 * npcs[index].attr and compus[index].attr can be changed
better hacking protection
explosion radius is limited to 15 (hack protection)
script command setlevel2 works with floating point values for x/y
you can lay down shields again
Because many people had problems with the music thing
 there are some things chanegd/optimized:
 * dynamic loading of mediaplayer (so when you turn
   off music support then it will not load it)
 * winamp support -> option 'use winamp for music'


shooting arrows only takes half the time
there is an ap bar under the ASD thing 
a rating system for fights in sparring rooms;
 to make a sparring room you must add an npc
 with the script 'sparringzone' (no end line
 characters!) to the level;
 then the server will see that it's a sparring
 level and will not change your ap/money and
 will rate your fighting skills depending on
 who you kill and who kill you;
 when you press R then you will see the current
 ratings over the heads of the players; it shows
 rating + rating deviation; the rating deviation
 tells you if the player is fighting often, only
 players < 80 rating deviation will be listed in
 the top50; so if you see someone
 with a rating of 2000 and a rating deviation with
 330 that means he only had one fight or so, so you
 can't really trust that he is a good fighter
 when you are in a sparring room you will see a
 white 'sparring' on the ap bar
new option in F1->General options: fullscreen mode;
 you can switch to 800x600 and 1024x768;
 you can get the screen size in npc scripts
 by reading 'screenwidth','screenheight' (in
 case you want to align a showimg stats image on
 the right side of the screen)
by right-clicking with the mouse on a player
 you will open the profile of that player;
 the profile now shows more stuff like the account name
 and sword power
the server message of the day can now be
graal PMs and the server MOTD can contain 
 the new tag <graalmsg>Hallo #n!</graalmsg>
 (the text inside the graalmsg tag works like
 with the npc script command 'message');
 it is good for making a message which looks
 more personal 
new npc script command showstats, with this you
 can show/hide parts of the status bar / game
 showstats 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+1024; shows all
 showstats 0; hides all
 the argument is a bit-wise flag set
 1 - ASD
 2 - icons (for rupees, bombs, arrows)
 4 - rupees count
 8 - bombs count
 16 - arrows count
 32 - hearts
 64 - alignment (ap) bar
 128 - magicpoints (mp) bar
 256 - minimap (you can only hide it, you can't show it when the
       player pressed Alt+3)
 512 - inventory npcs
 1024 - players
npc weapons can't be deleted when their name starts with a *
 (e.g. toweapons *Boomerang;)
there is a new very good designed baddy image:
 baddyninja.gif from Ulrich Galbraith (Zancrus)
 (its the one who made some of the graphics for v1.0
 like the frogs, baddies)
there are some new tiles for hourse corners and
 inside house corners
fixed a bug with negative rupees when dropping
 rupees while being in the bank
in online mode the positions of showimgs are aligned the
 same way like the player position; that way its easier to
 use hideplayer+showimg because you can align it correctly
 to the shadow of the player (which can't be hidden)
in online mode when you do showimg+changeimgpart it also
 works for bigger images now
the playerlist is sorted again when your nickname
 is changed (it needs to be updated because the guild
 might have been changed)
red gloves will be displayed correctly again
the default keys will be set/displayed correctly; this 
 was a problem in older versions because e.g. in France 
 you have the A key on a different position on the keyboard;
 in France it uses now QSD as the default keys for lifting/
when you start Graal for the first time then the game
 will try to detect the local language automatically;
 because some languagexxx.txt files needed to be renamed
 you might need to change your language manually if you
 have already played 
'playersays' works correctly now, but keep in mind that
 its not supported anymore, better use strequals(#c,...)
fixed a little bug with head icon transparency in 32bit
showname / ap changing doesn't delete your chat text anymore


when right-clicking on yourself (online mode)
 then you will see your own profile + stats
you can not pause in sparring rooms anymore
when entering a sparring level then the
 restart position will be updated (so you
 restart in the sparring level when you die)
ad animations are stopped when not visible
forgot to mention: there are script variables
 screenwidth and screenheight (pixels) for the
 visible area which is 640x456 by default;
 those variables are read-only
hidden players (script command hideplayer) are
 now visible on the map again; we might re-enable
 a real hideplayer thing again but not as long
 as people can cheat with it
Alt+1 now saves as png too (like Alt+2)
when you press M in the editor then the
 generated map will be saved as png; if you
 want to use it as map for your playerworld or
 for the setmap command then you need to convert
 it to 8 bit colors before using it in the game