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Quian'Dor is the world as the Avë have named it after Creation. The world as currently known is divided in three continents, Quian, Tuen'Dora, and Ihwearn.


Quian is the main location where the players will be. It holds most of the nations and factions, and is the stage for the first three chapters of Storyline.


Tuen'Dora (Common: the lost world) is a continent untouched by civilized life. Neither the inhabitants of Quian or Ihwearn know of its existance. This place of pure nature is inhabited by wild animals, half-sentient species and hosts a den of dragons. This continent will be used for a much later time, when all currently planed storylines have played out.


Ihwearn is home of Ihwea's Empire. This continent is a dry place with rarely any places to live when one leaves the shorelines. Ages ago there was a faction worshipping a 'false god' according to the inhabitants of Quian, and they were banished after a war nearly eradicated all civilization in the North. These banished followers of Ihwea departed on ships and ended up on this continent. The Ihweans have made it their duty to spread the word of their god, and wage war on all unbelievers.